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Dennis Interview 13,5 MB Dennis Wilson Interview 1977 for his solo album



KOXR (oxnard California) Live Remste Broadcast 14.7.1962
Dick Clarck presents 1962 film (Surfin' Safari-Live Azusa)
Here's To Veterans Show 1962 (10 Little Indians; 409; Surfin'; Moon Dawg)
The Red Skelton Show 1963 “In My Room”
The Dick Clark Show 1964 (Don't Worry Baby + Interview)
Andy Williams Show (Help Me, Rhonda; Their Hearts Were Full...; Little Cycle)
"The Swedish Boys From Hawthorne" WDRC Hartford Connecticut Interview with Dick
Al & Mike Interv. with Dicky Robinson
Bruce Interview: Pirate Radio London
Beach Boys Interv. with Jack Riley
WPLT New York
Bruce Jingle Demo For Radio Veronica
Dennis & Al Interview: Circus Munich, Germany
1972 Voter Registration Spots
Spring (Promo), with Brian & Diane Rovell
Dennis On Stage, Hartford, CT: Dirty Joke About President Nixon
Brian Interview WNCW
Brian & Diane Rovell Interv. with Pete Fornatale
Telephone Conversation With Brian, Sydney, Australia
Brian Interview KRTH Sept. 1974
Brian Interv. with Jim Pewter
The Rock Shoppe Interviews With Roger Christian & Jim Pewter 7.1.1975
Carl & Al Talk To A Fan
Carl & Al Talk To A Fan In A Hotel Room
Carl Interv. with Jim Ladd
Pete Fornatale Interview With Dennis
Brian Interview KJR Seattle Dec. 1976
The Beach Boys Story, BBC Documentary
The Best Summers Of Our Lives, Documnetary On The BB, Produced By The BB
Brian Interview (telecon) From Houston
Dutch Radio Ad For BB, 8.1.1976
National Album Countdown, Carl Interv.
Brian Interv. with Pete Fornatale
Old Grey Whistle Test, Brian Interv.
Mike, Dutch Radio 1976
Brian Interview, KJR Radio Seattle, WA 16.12.1976
Mike Interview: Daytona Arena Nov. 1977
Dennis Interview KOGN Oregon
Bruce Interview For Solo Album At The Merv Griffin Show 11.7.1977
Bruce Interview With Roger Scott, Capitol Radio
Mike Interview at University of Daytona Arena, November 1977
Mike Talks To L.A. Area DJ, Late 1977
Dennis On KUGN, Oregon
KROA Comments On Concert At USC
Celebration On "Mike Douglas"
KROQ Rodney Bingenheimer comments on Mike & Celebration concert at USC
KRTH 101 FM (Promo), Mike for Almost Summer
Marilyn, Diane & Barbara Rovell Interview KROQ Los Angeles
Bruce Interview: NCRV Radio, Holland
Mike, Al & Bruce As Guests At The Hollywood Square Game Show
Mike Phone Interview, Sydney, Australia
"The History Of Rock & Roll", Brian & Bruce Interv.
Roger Scott InterviewWith Brian, Mike & Bruce About The "Keepin' The Summer Alive" ALbum. The Interview Is From The Promo Record Caribou Records XPR 1204.
Dick Clark's Rock And Roll Remember 4.7.1980
Bruce Interview: Bruce And Bob Harris Dining Together
Bruce Interview: Bruce With John Tobler In London Hotel
Richard Gilbert Interview With Brian & Carl
Press Conference With The Beach Boys & Brian At The Sheraton Hotel In Stockholm, Sweden
Carl Interview For His Solo Album: The Robert Klein Show
Q 107 FM, Washington, D.C. 4.7.1981, Beach Boys Interv.
Earthnews Radio 11.5.1981 with Carl
The Beach Boys Radio Special June 1982 "California Dreamin'"
Earthnews Radio 11.1.1982 with Mike Love
Tribute To Dennis Wilson, San Francisco Dec. 1983
Carl Interview: Atlantic City Pre-Show
KLOS New Beach Boys Item
B 100 FM San Diego, Ad For BB Concert With Bruce
KLOS Michael Benner segment on BB news item
Bruce Interview: WKUV FM Radio June 1984
Bruce Interview: Radio One, England
Carl Interview: BBC Radio One, Saturday Live
Marilyn Wilson Interview Aug. 1986
Brian Interview with Stuart Coleman
The Beach Boys Story 1.6.1988
Brian Interview With Rodney, KROQ Los Angeles 31.7.1988
Brian At The Beach Boys Stomp Convention 24.9.1988 (Surfer Girl; Love & Mercy; Nighttime)
Brian Interview: "The Way It Is" 25.9.1988
Brian Interview: "Rapido" 20.10.1988
Brian Interview: "CH4 Wired" 15.9.1988
Brian On Ibiza (Love & Mercy) 24.10.1988
Roger Scott Interview With Brian
Brian In Hamburg, Germany (Radio Station ID)
Brian On The David Letterman Show (Nighttime & Interview)
Brian Interview: "Showbiz Today"
Brian Interview: "Mornings Atid On Channel 3"
Brian On "CBS This Morning" (Love & Mercy + Interview)
Brian On "Hollywood Reporter" (Love & Mercy + Interview)
Brian Interview: "Musikszene 1988" (Germany)
Brian At The American Music Award
Brian On "New Leave It To Beaver"
Brian Interview (Unknows Europe Radio Station)
Brian Interview: KCRW FM 696 "Snap", Los Angeles July 1988
Brian Interview: "Mark & Brian Show", KLOS Los Angeles 21.7.1988
Brian Interview: WNCW FM New York 20.8.1988
Brian Interview: WBCN Boston 23.8.1988
Pete Fornatale WNEW New York Radio Sept. 1988
Jan Erik Sundkvist Swedish Radio Okt. 1988
Roger Scott BBC Radio UK 3.9.1988
Bruce Interview: Sounds Of The 60's (England)
Xmas Greetings
Special W.B. Radio Promo Show
Howard Stern Interview With Brian
Thimothy White Interview With Brian
CHEX Cereal Commercial With Bruce "The Beach Boys Play At Your School"
Carl: 101.5 WPDH Promo, Done When The Beach Boys & Chicago Played At Orange County Speedway In Middletown, NY
Al Jardine „Born in the USA“, 7.89
Brian tells BB Story, 7.89
"Smile Radio Show" With Domenic Priore 29.1.1989
Bruce, Capital Gold Radio England 1989
"Mark & Brian Show" 2.8.1990 With Brian, Jan & Dean, John Stamos Calls In
Wilson Phillips Interview: Detroit, Michigan With Brian Calls In
Radio Commercial: The Beach Boys And Popeye
E.S.Q. Beach Boys Convention In San Diego, CA 28.7.1990
"Heal The Bay" Benefit 1.12.1990 (Brian Live)
Beach Boys Radio Promo, CNE Grandstand Toronto
"Phil Spector´s 50th Birthday Salute", NPR Broadcast 1990, Brian Interv.
Brian Interview: San Francisco Okt. 1991
Mike Interview: KODJ 17.5.1991
Bruce Interview About Tropical Summer Sun Care Products, WCBE Radio Ohio
Bruce Interview: Swedish Radio 27.6.1991
Brian, KLOS „Mark + Brian Show“ 1991
Al, KTAR FM 1991
Mike, Oldies 93 KODJ 1991
Al Interview: Oldies Magazine 22.11.1992 WCZX FM Poughkeepsie, NY
Mike Interview: Oldies Magazine Dec. 1992 WCZX FM Poughkeepsie, NY
The Beach Boys Radio Special 18.7.1992 WCBS FM Radio
Brian Interview: KLOS 21.11.1992
Mike Interview: "Howard Stern Show" 6.10.1992
Bruce Interview 18.7.1992
Brian, WXRK 1992
Carnie & Wendy Discuss About Brian With A Psychiatrist 19.2.1993 "HOME" (TV- Show)
Beach Boys Interview: "Rock, Roll & Remember" Dick Clark Radio Show WCZX FM 30.5.1993
Carnie & Wendy In Feb. & May 1993 Interviews
The Beach Boys Story & Interviews: #1, 19.6.1993 ; #2, 21.6.1993 ; #3, 22.6.1993 (SWF 3, German Radio)
Carl Interview: Oldies Magazine WCZX FM 2.5.1993
July 1993 The BB Story – Unistar
„Rockspar“, swedish radio docu about the BB with Interv.
"Jim Kerr & The Morning Crew", 105.1 JWMXV, 9.12.1993
The Beach Boys Radio Special/ Weekend WCBS FM 17.7.1994, American Bandstand's Salute To The Beach Boys
"Poster": Beach Boys Documentation
Mike, Radio Promo 1994 WCZX FM 97.7
Radio One FM: "Smile" 13.8.1995
Beach Boys Good Vibrations Weekend 101.5 WCBS FM 3/4.8.1996
Beach Boys/ Brian Wilson/ Joe Thomas Interview:, 93.9/ 105.9 FM Chicago, 1996
Brian Birthday Salute, WCZX FM 97.7 To 5 At 5 PM 1996
WCZX FM 97.7 Radio Promo BB Bus Trip To Resorts 1996
WPDH FM 101.5 Radio Promo BB At Mid Hudson Civic Center 1996
WCZX FM 97.7 Radio Promo BB At Mid Hudson Civic Center 1996
Brian Interview with Dave DiMartino
Brian at the Steve Dahl Show
10./17.2.2001 Endless Summer BBC Radio Show
The Klas Burling Interview
Beach Boys Promo: Original & Alternate Version, 101.5 WPDH
Brian Inteview, 1027 WNW FM New York
Brian Interview On US-TV Show "Lil Arts Poker Party"
"The Beach Years" Promo: Rock Shoppe Radio Special With Roger Christian, Featuring Beach Boys, Jan & Dean, Dick Dale, etc.

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