Bull Session With The "Big Daddy"
Composer Group
Leadvocals Interview
Running Time 2:10
Recording Date 13.1.65
Single Release Date
Highest Charting Position and Date
Working Title
Additional Infos "Big Daddy" is Earl Leaf, who was a journalist in his youth, but by the 60's, had settled comfortably into the role of rock'n' roll publicist. Editor of Capitol's popular "Teen Set" magazine and a contributor to many other rock publications, Earl had terrific access to the Beach Boys. The quotes at the beginning of these liner notes are from an interview he conducted with Brian in 1966. On this track, the Beach Boys and Earl Leaf are reminiscing about the 1964 fall tour of Europe on which Earl accompanied the group. After five poignant ballads, it was a strange way to end the album, but as the third and last installment of their in- studio personal glimpses, it's fun to listen to...once, at least.

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