Bull Session With "Big Daddy"

Well are we on?

Yeah well we're kinda on

We just introduce Earl Leaf so

Earl Tree

Hi Fig


You get my cheese sandwich?


Uh huh they had ham

Did you get a malt?

Didn't bring any malts

What'd you get us?

A burger I mean cheese here's cheese

Oh it's mine

Did you order one?

No I'm kidding

What'd you get me?

Mike I'm gonna take a bite pretty quick

Oh thank you

I would've rather had that

No that's all wrong

Hey there's onions on this so I hope all you guys don't mind

Hi Earl

Here's some french fries you can all split

Oh there's kosher pickles

Thank you for the french fries I'm really uh

Everything's gonna be alright Marylin

Thank you

Oops okay why don't Earl talk to Brian

You stepped on my french fries

Now after the concert in Paris


Which was a blast

You mean that that big ol' thing

That was a musically

I loved that conce that was the best concert

I had a lot of fun

It was great

I thought it was our best show we ever played

It's great

I thought it I liked it almost

First show I only made three mistakes

I still haven't made a mistake my whole career

We're keep waiting for you to make a mistake Brian

Where was this place we had the lamb wherever it was

Oh that banquet we had


Yeah they brough in this big ol' lamb and Dennis and I had to sit there

holding it up

Yeah but it had its you know they cooked the whole lamb and put its raw

head back on

Yeah that's right

They didn't take the they didn't even burn the hair off it

It's sitting looking at you like

Well the whole European

Franch bread

Of all of Europe the only thing that stuck out in my mind is the bread

I you know you know who was a great help was Dick Reising, Capitol

records representative over there, one of the greatest guys I've ever met

in my life

He sent us a telegram

Hey uh hey Carl

Yeah get out of here

What uh what was the most fascinating experience you remember? What

what's the highlight?

Gee I don't know I think Rome It sticks out in my mind. It was such a

beautiful place I mean the Colosseum, I've never seen anything like that ever

Looks like it

When in Rome

You know I love England

The T. V. work is great there

If you notice like "Shindig" or"Halibalu" a lot of these T.V. shows are

going after it

There's about six of them now

Or well all of the T. V. shows are all going after this sort of thing

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