Don´t Hurt My Little Sister
Composer Brian Wilson
Leadvocals Mike/Brian
Running Time 2:03
Recording Date 22.6.64
Single Release Date
Highest Charting Position and Date
Working Title
Additional Infos Brian wrote the song for the Ronettes. After submitting the song to Phil Spector, Brian waited for a response. When Spector invited Brian to his hotel room for a talk, Brian found out that things had gone awry. There was a piano in the room and Spector played Brian the song, which Spector had unilaterally revamped into "Things are changing (for the better)". A few days later, Brian went to Gold Star to play the piano on the session. Brian recalls that Spector kicked him off the recording date, telling Brian he couldn't play the song right. That's a close as Brian and Phil ever came to working together. Spector ultimately cut "Things are changing (for the better)" with the Blossoms. It was released as a public service announcement for equal opportunity employment.

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