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Wild Honey

Aren't You Glad

I Was Made To Love Here

Country Air

A Thing Or Two


I'd Love Just Once To See You

Here Comes The Night

Let The Wind Blow

How She Booggalooed It

Mama Says

Album Information Produced By The Beach Boys
Engineered By Jim Lockert, Second Engineer Bill Halverson
Songs Recorded At Brian Wilson's Home Studio
Originally Released On 4.12.67 By Capitol Records (Capitol T-2859)
Charted 30.12.67 #24
The album is often called the BB "soul" album.

The BB, for the first time since 1963, played on most of the instrumental tracks on the album.

There is significant evidence that even after Smiley Smile was released, Capitol asked Brian to finish Smile. Smiley Smile was released as Brother 9001 and Wild Honey was slated to be Brother 9003. What was going to be 9002 is unknown, but one strong possibility, judging from Capitol´s internal memos of 1967, is that it was supposed to be Smile.

Wild Honey - Oct. 13, 1967
On Oct.13, Capitol assigned a project number to a new Beach Boys album, already titled WILD HONEY and planned for release as Brother ST9003. Early in November, information was submitted to Capitol about the album. The originallineup was:
Wild Honey/Here Comes The Night/Let the Wind Blow/I Was Made to Love Her/The Letter (live version)/Darlin'/A Thing or TwolAren't You Glad/Cool Cool Water/Game of Love/Lonely Days.
Certainly a muchly different album, possibly one that wouldn't have seemed quite so "thrown down." Note that with the exception of "Been Way Too Long" (which Brian must have considered unfinished since he would return to it the following July), "With a Little Help from My Friends" (which Bruce says was never intended for release) and the untitled song, that's everything the group had just recorded. Curiously, a I2th track, "Honey Get Home" (possibly the untitled song?) was listed, but crossed out. A marginal note indicates the first five songs would have been on Side 1 of the album, leaving six songs for Side 2. The album still was designated Brother 9003. Even more importantly, the album was to be credited "Produced by BRIAN WLLSON"! Then something happened. I can't say exactly what, but I can pinpoint the occurrence as between Nov. 3 (when they completed the tracks for the original WILD HONEY lineup) and Nov. 8 (when they started recording additional songs). And the result was that Brother Records died and Brian's original conception of the WILD HONEY album was altered. A Nov. 15 Capitol memo referred to the WILD HONEY album as Capitol 2859. The track list was revised, dropping "The Letter," "Cool Cool Water," "Game of Love" and "Lonely Days," and adding a1l five songs recorded in the previous week. And perhaps most significantly, the production credit was changed to "Produced by THE BEACH BOYS."
I think your speculation that "Game of Love" may have been a cover of the Mindbenders hit is quite plausible. As for "Lonely Days", there's some kind of irony that the Bee Gees also did a song with that title when they were attempting to "toughen up" their image in the early seventies. Also, given Brian's penchant for recycling songs and song fragments, I began to wonder if the bridge to "Crack At Your Love" may have had its origins in this long lost Wild Honey track. "Crack" is credited to Brian and Al Jardine, and there are a number of other songs of the late sixties that Brian wrote with Al.
When the WILD HONEY album was completed in November, Brian and the group did not again enter the studio until March of the next year.

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