Let The Wind Blow
Composer Brian Wilson/Mike Love
Leadvocals Mike/Brian
Running Time
Recording Date
Single Release Date
Highest Charting Position and Date
Working Title
Additional Infos The problem with "Let The Wind Blow" is that we don't have any documentation on the instrumental tracking date. The vocals were laid down on Nov. 2, 1967, but the track itself is a big question mark. Could it be a SMILE track? It's possible, but I tend to think not. It's relatively sparse in comparison to most of what Brian recorded during SMILE. To me, it sounds more like what the group was laying down at Brian's house for SMILEY SMILE and WILD HONEY.

According to the "Song Reference Schedule" for Murry's old Sea of Tunes Publishing Company, Mike did wrote the majority of them. The royalty split on the song is Brian 60%, Mike 40% -- which would break down as 100% of the music and 20% of the lyrics by Brian, 80% of the lyrics by Mike.

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