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Bruce Johnston (real name: Billy Baldwin, adopted)

brown hair; blue eyes; 172 cm

A Beach Boy from 9.4.1965 - March/April.'72 (immediately after the group completed the recording of SO TOUGH. He sings and plays on that album, but they took off his credit when he left) and since 8.'78


Brothers & Sisters:

Wife(s) and Children:
Marriage with:
Harriet Diamond
Son Max
Ozzie *1978

Bruce is vegetarien

Bruce's membership:
He joined as a touring replacement for Brian in 1965 and probably became something more than that in 1966, when he was first included in promo photos of the group. But he left in April 1972 (and there is evidence the group was looking to boot him in 1969). He didn't return until 1978, when Brian asked him to sit in the producer's chair for L.A. (LIGHT ALBUM). Even then, he swore (in various interviews) that he wasn't returning to the group full-time, just stepping in to lend a hand. But they needed help on the road, so he agreed to tour in the support of that album, then got the nod to produce the next album (KTSA) and stuck around for that tour, too. And he's just been there ever since. I'm not sure when he again was elevated to the status of a "real" Beach Boy, but it's noting that he wasn't pictured on the TEN YEARS OF HARMONY compilation that came out in the fall of 1981 -- and that was quite deliberate. The rest of the group vetoed using a photo that showed him, as well as including a small inset picture of him to accompany the photo that was used of the other five. My guess is that Bruce can stay until he dies (or at least until Mike dies), but he won't ever get the same royalty/pay/cut as the remainder of the original five get. I think the days of elevating somebody to "full" status passed in 1967 when they incorporated and Al was upgraded to equal status. I mean, they could have done the same to Bruce at that point, but obviously decided to limit that honor to "founding" members. In case it wasn't obvious from my earlier post in this thread, Alan became a corporate member in 1967 because that's when the group formally incorporated (as Brother Records). Alan, being a founding member of the group and by then a mainstay, was given an equal share in the corporation with the three Wilsons and the Lovester.- Brad

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